Laban Guild Foundation Course
Dates: 7th and 21st October, 4th and 18th November, 2nd December
Venue: University of Bedfordshire
Contact: Maggie Killingbeck

Decoding Rudolf Laban’s Choreutics
A six week correspondence course
October 28th to December 13th 2017 – Registration closes 21st October
Discover the deeper meaning of Laban’s masterpiece from the comfort of your own home.
Contact Carol-Lynne Moore info@movescapecenter.com

Laban Guild Northern Region Network
Laban in Context: consideration and application of principles in a variety of dance practices.
Date: 11th November 2017
Venue: University of Cumbria, Carlisle Campus
Members £30, non-members £50. Further details from Bobbie Millar, Northern Region Representative, 07740 941950 bobbie@bobbiemillar.com or bethloughran@yahoo.co.uk.

To become a Guild member visit the Membership page

Laban Guild Creative Dance Leaders Course
This 150 hour course covers 12 weekends over 13 months (see courses page for details)
Dates: 2018: April 7/8, May 5/6, June 2/3, July 7/7, Sept 8/9, Oct 13/14, Nov 10/11, Dec 1/2. 2019: Jan 12/13, Feb 2/3 March 2/3 April 6/7.
Venue: Ware, near Hertford.
Practical information day: 26th November 10am to 2pm.
Contact coursesofficer@labanguild.org.uk

Members’ Events
For events and regular classes provided by individual Guild members, please visit the Members Events page



Five dancers illustrate ways in which virtual maps and clusters of dynamic colouring offer frameworks and tools for choreographic exploration, composition and development.
The material is based on the innovative work of Rudolf Laban, pioneer of Dance Theatre, Movement Analysis and Dance Notation.
DVD £16 per copy (incl. postage)
Contact Anna Carlisle: carlisle100dance@gmail.com

Revised Warren Lamb Editions
Posture and Gesture: an Introduction to the Study of Physical Behaviour
A Framework for Understanding Movement: my Seven Creative Concepts
Beyond Dance: Laban’s Legacy of Movement Analysis
An Eye for Movement: Warren Lamb’s Career in Movement Analysis
Decision Making and Movement Analysis (DVD)
All available through Brechin Books, 6 Brechin Place, London SW6 4QA
Contact: books@brechinbooks.online
These are also available as e-books through Kindle Publishing and Smashwords.

Laban Collection at the Brotherton Library
The John Hodgson Collection has now been catalogued and is available at http://library.leeds.ac.uk/special-collections-explore/168066
There is also a guide with descriptive text to accompany a selection of images and documents. The Laban Collection guide can be accessed at http://library.leeds.ac.uk/special-collections-rudolf-laban-collections

Warren Lamb Archive
The NRCD is hoping to obtain enough funding to make the Warren Lamb Archive available to the public, and to this end has provided a link for donations on the University of Surrey’s online store

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