Laban Guild Summer School
Master the Meaning of Movement
Dance – Drama – Choreography
Tutors: Anna Carlisle, Cathy Washbrooke and Darren Royston
21st – 23rd August at the University of Bedfordshire
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Laban Guild Creative Dance Leaders Course
Planned for Northern Ireland at Wallace High School, Lisburn, starting in September 2015, a great venue accessible to all parts of Northern Ireland, on the main route from the Republic of Ireland, and within reach of Belfast International Airport.
This is a CPD course for people with some dance experience and also experience of either teaching or work in the community. Not only will you enhance your own dance skills and understanding of movement, but you will be enabled to lead creative dance sessions – to help others to find the dance within themselves! The work is applicable to people working in many areas, including dancers and dance teachers, drama teachers and actors, psychotherapists and people working in social care settings.

Laban Guild AGM Day 2016
Elements of Analysis in Dance Making and Reconstruction
Celebrating the Guild’s 70th anniversary the AGM will be held at Laban Creekside, London on 2nd April.

Revised Warren Lamb Editions
Posture and Gesture: an Introduction to the Study of Physical Behaviour
A Framework for Understanding Movement: my Seven Creative Concepts
Fifty years ago Warren Lamb published his book Posture and Gesture: an Introduction to the Study of Physical Behaviour. This was his first clear statement of the theory he had developed from years of studying and working with Rudolf Laban. It was written for a public unfamiliar with movement study and most of whom had not heard of Laban, but the title said it all. The posture-gesture merger, the point at which gesture merges into posture or posture into gesture reveals the essential characteristics of an individual’s behaviour and how they will react to any given situation when they are free to follow their preferred pattern of behaviour.
Posture and Gesture has been out of print for some time, and it is fitting that on its 50th anniversary it should now appear as an e-book, available through Kindle Publishing and Smashwords.
It will shortly be followed by his last statement in 2012, A Framework for Understanding Movement: my Seven Creative Concepts. This handbook for students of movement gives clear definitions of the basic concepts behind Movement Pattern Analysis for which he was entirely responsible. His overwhelming concern in his latter years was that MPA should never be trivialised by over-simplification. He wrote this with the intention that it should form a lasting touchstone of reference as movement study inevitably develops in years to come.
Posture and Gesture is inevitably dated after 50 years, but the core of the book – an explanation of the components of movement, and how they can be annotated and interpreted – is completely up to date, as Dick McCaw points out in the preface written for this edition. Together with A Framework for Understanding Movement, still also available in print from Brechin Books, they will form a lasting testament to a career devoted to the development of movement study.

Laban Collection at the Brotherton Library
The John Hodgson Collection has now been catalogued and is available at
There is also a guide with descriptive text to accompany a selection of images and documents. The Laban Collection guide can be accessed at

Warren Lamb Archive
The NRCD is hoping to obtain enough funding to make the Warren Lamb Archive available to the public, and to this end has provided a link for donations on the University of Surrey’s website

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New Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies Certificate Programme

Starting in June 2015 in Carlton Centre, Edinburgh
Module 1, 15 Jun – 4 Jul 2015
Module 2, 4 – 21 Jan 2016
Module 3, 13 Jun – 2 Jul 2016
Module 4a, 4 – 12 Jan 2017
Module 4b, 15 – 23 Jun 2017
Cost: £150 Application fee (non-refundable), £1985 per module plus a final project and accreditation fee.
This intensive course covers the theory and practice of the study of human movement. Students will develop practical skills in observation and analysis of movement through an experiential learning and teaching model.

Movement observation and analysis training is relevant to therapists (inc. OT, AsTs, PT, MT, SLT), educators, somatics/movement practitioners and arts professionals.
This course offers a rich opportunity for personal and professional development. Module 1 (of 4) can be taken as a stand-alone module, providing a thorough introduction to the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS). Successful completion of all modules offers the title of
Certified Movement Analyst (CMA), an internationally recognised qualification.For more information please contact Susan Scarth
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