Dancing into Elemental Art
18th and 19th October 2014

After the Storms

After the Storms

In the light of the storms earlier this year we shall be taking the theme of erosion and the resulting re-arrangement of the boundary between the water and the land; the destruction and re-creation of the coastline, and possibly the re-creation of ourselves, over the weekend!
So, walking, observing, absorbing, listening, sensing, dancing, painting and making will become the core of the weekend.

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Dance in a Day – Movement Choir

at the Barbican, London on November 7th
Contact: Susi Thornton 07989 646433

Warren Lamb Archive

The NRCD is hoping to obtain enough funding to make the Warren Lamb Archive available to the public, and to this end has provided a link for donations on the University of Surrey’s website

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New Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies Certificate Programme

Starting in June 2015 in Carlton Centre, Edinburgh
Module 1, 15 Jun – 4 Jul 2015
Module 2, 4 – 21 Jan 2016
Module 3, 13 Jun – 2 Jul 2016
Module 4a, 4 – 12 Jan 2017
Module 4b, 15 – 23 Jun 2017
Cost: £150 Application fee (non-refundable), £1985 per module plus a final project and accreditation fee.
This intensive course covers the theory and practice of the study of human movement. Students will develop practical skills in observation and analysis of movement through an experiential learning and teaching model. Movement observation and analysis training is relevant to therapists (inc. OT, AsTs, PT, MT, SLT), educators,
somatics/movement practitioners and arts professionals.

This course offers a rich opportunity for personal and professional development. Module 1 (of 4) can be taken as a stand-alone module, providing a thorough introduction to the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS). Successful completion of all modules offers the title of
Certified Movement Analyst (CMA), an internationally recognised qualification.

For more information please contact Susan Scarth

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