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Summit Dance Theatre and choreographer Alison Curtis-Jones

Two works by Rudolf Laban given a contemporary twist and new lease of life. Drawing on Laban’s principles and archeo-choreological research, Curtis-Jones re-imagines Laban’s work to create a new living archive. Drumstick, the rhythm of the body made audible, sees Summit dancers determine rhythmic phrasing of movement live on stage with musicians composing the sound score real time, in response to what they see. The second work, Nacht, is a political satire depicting the underbelly of Berlin’s Weimar period and the love of dollars, deceit and depravity.
Date: 21st November 2019
Venue: Laban Creekside – 02083059400

Geraldine Stephenson Archive
Now completed and available to view at the NRCD, University of Surrey, Guildford.
The archive can be viewed online at calmarchivecat.surrey.ac.uk.
For research enquiries or visits contact archives@surrey.ac.uk

Eurolab is supporting GLOBAL WATER DANCES – Mission statement:
“We connect and support a global community of choreographers and dancers to inspire action and international collaboration for water issues through the universal language of dance.”
Visit www.laban-eurolab.org for more information.

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Five dancers illustrate ways in which virtual maps and clusters of dynamic colouring offer frameworks and tools for choreographic exploration, composition and development.
The material is based on the innovative work of Rudolf Laban, pioneer of Dance Theatre, Movement Analysis and Dance Notation.
DVD £16 per copy (incl. postage)
Contact: Anna Carlisle

Revised Warren Lamb Editions
Posture and Gesture: an Introduction to the Study of Physical Behaviour
A Framework for Understanding Movement: my Seven Creative Concepts
Beyond Dance: Laban’s Legacy of Movement Analysis
An Eye for Movement: Warren Lamb’s Career in Movement Analysis
Decision Making and Movement Analysis (DVD)
All available through Brechin Books, 6 Brechin Place, London SW6 4QA
Contact: books@brechinbooks.online
These are also available as e-books through Kindle Publishing and Smashwords.

Laban Collection at the Brotherton Library
The John Hodgson Collection has now been catalogued and is available at https://library.leeds.ac.uk/special-collections-explore/168066
There is also a guide with descriptive text to accompany a selection of images and documents. The Laban Collection guide can be accessed at http://library.leeds.ac.uk/special-collections-rudolf-laban-collections

Warren Lamb Archive
The NRCD is hoping to obtain enough funding to make the Warren Lamb Archive available to the public, and to this end has provided a link for donations on the University of Surrey’s online store

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