Creative Dance Leaders Course

Initiated in 1981, this is now a well established course, and applicants may be eligible for funding from the Regional Sports, Education and Arts bodies. Dance Agencies throughout the country have employed it and courses have run in many areas including Suffolk, Somerset, Nottingham, Essex, Wiltshire, Belfast, Dublin, Kildare and Powys.

The course attracts participants from many different backgrounds, all wishing to increase their understanding and practice of movement and dance with in their own professional sphere. This is not, however, a course for beginners. All applicants must demonstrate some experience of dance or movement AND experience of teaching or community work.

The pool of highly qualified and experienced tutors within the Guild ensures that each module of the course is taught by specialists in that area. CVs of tutors are available with further details of the course.


➢ Provide a philosophical framework of principles, based on Laban’s Analysis of Movement, on which you can found your work.
➢ Help you to recognise and articulate the movement skills essential for realising the creative potential for dance in yourself and others.
➢ Help you to develop practical dance skills.
➢ Promote a commitment to inclusivity – Dance is for Everyone.
➢ Provide experience of, and information on, various teaching styles and strategies.
➢ Provide information on relevant current legal requirements.



➢ The ability to work as part of a team, showing co-operation, leadership, decision making and sensitivity to others
➢ The ability to solve problems, set clear tasks, evaluate and give constructive feedback
➢ The ability to respond flexibly to changing situations; to accept challenges and to be open to new ideas.


➢ Teachers in the education system who wish to improve their dance skills and gain
confidence in delivering the requirements of the National Curriculum
➢ Dancers who wish to acquire leadership skills
➢ Dance teachers who wish to develop a more creative approach in their work
➢ Drama teachers who wish to extend their movement and dance skills
➢ Social or Care workers who wish to employ movement and dance in their work
➢ Community Arts workers who wish to extend their movement and dance skills

Only those successfully completing all the requirements of the course will receive the Laban Guild award recognising their ability to lead Laban based creative dance sessions, be eligible to apply for insurance to lead such classes and be placed on the Laban Guild register of leaders.

It is expected that course members will:
➢ develop a basic understanding of Laban’s Analysis of Movement
➢ acquire an understanding of body design and function, including the effects of exercise, the necessity for thorough and meaningful preparation and injury prevention
➢ learn how to make dances for and with groups of dancers;
➢ learn to plan and prepare dance sessions, learn how to lead groups and learn how to use a variety of teaching methods appropriately
➢ be advised on administration, organisation, marketing and publicity, legal and ethical obligations.

This 150 hour part time course comprises 12 week ends, extending over 15-18 months.
The course has three modules.
➢ The first four weekends focus on Laban Analysis of Movement, delivered through practical sessions of creative dance making.
➢ The next three weekends deal with the essentials of delivering a safe class, teaching skills and the development of session plans.
➢ The final four weekends cover the translation of ideas and stimuli into dance, choreographic skills and dance making.
At the end of the course an assessment weekend is offered for those who have satisfactorily completed all three modules, the course assignments and a minimum of 80% attendance.

The emphasis of the course will be on practical work supported by theory, assignments and the keeping of a personal record of the course. Each course member will receive a course manual and home study manuals on Leadership and Marketing. Some of the issues raised in these, including legal and ethical obligations, will provide the basis for regular discussions.

Tutorials will be offered to course members on a regular basis.

Cost: £1250.00 plus a registration fee of £75.00. Staged payments are possible.

Modules of the Laban Guild Creative Dance Course Content
The course comprises three main modules:
1. Four weekends in which the basic principles of Laban Analysis are experienced through the medium of creative dance. The focus is on concepts of body awareness, spatial awareness, quality of movement and relationships.
2. Three weekends on the preparation and delivery of creative dance sessions. These cover: structuring a session, the use of different teaching styles and strategies and the essentials necessary to deliver a safe class, together with teaching practice. Anyone wishing to take this module only must show evidence of a thorough understanding of Laban Analysis.
3. Three weekends on how to develop ideas for dance into making dances for groups and group performance. These will be building on the knowledge and skills acquired over the first two modules of the course, but may be attended by anyone with a sound understanding of Laban analysis and some experience of creative work. The final two weekends are for those wishing to complete the course for their certificate.

THE COST for each WE of a single module will be £80.00. However, if you enrol for a module, you will be liable for the fees for the entire module, even if you miss a WE.
Anyone accepted for the course, or any module, must be a member of the Laban Guild (£25.00 pa. for online membership).
Certificates of attendance will be supplied for each module, but the full certificate for the Laban Guild Creative Dance Leaders Course will only be awarded on fulfilment of all the conditions as itemised in the full course information.

For full details of the syllabus and the next course, please contact Ann Ward.