Movement, Dance & Drama is produced termly in February, June and October and is available to members as part of their subscription.
Editor – Dr Clare Lidbury

Autumn 2018 contents:

Occasional Series – Editor
The Duchess (Cover Image) – Jack Bullen
Meeting Mr Laban – Walli Meier
Laban Guild Summer School 2017 – Bhargavi Gopalan
Moving and being moved – our body language: Laban Movement Analysis in Dance Movement Psychotherapy – Bridget Poulter
Dancing into Elemental Art – Wendy Hermelin
Laban Guild Summer School 2018 – Ann Ward and participants
Obituary: Bernard Hepton 1925 to 2018 – Gordon Curl
Obituary: Suzanne Hillier – Helen Sofftley
Chair’s Report – Yael Owen-McKenna
Training Committee Report – Ann Ward
Members’ Classes

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