Laban’s Writings

Author Article Year Vol Pages
Laban, R. President’s Address to the first AGM 1947
Laban, R. Notes on Movement Therapy (Lisa Ullmann) 1983 71 pp.19-21
Laban, R. Conversations between Laban and myself in 1926 – Martin Gleisner 1980 65 pp.16-19
Laban, R. Address to the AGM August 1974 – The Psychological Effect of Movement 1951 6 March
Laban, R. What has led you to study movement? 1951 7 sept
Laban, R. Letter to all Guild Members 1954 12 pp.5-9
Laban, R. From Far and Near 1954 13 pp.12-28
Laban, R. Excerpts from notes on Dance Dramas 1955 15 pp.12-23
Laban, R. Education through the Arts – lecture for the Society of Education Through Art Conference 1957 19 pp.4-7
Laban, R. The Objective Observation of Subjective Movement – lecture at International Association of P.E. for Girls and Women in 1957 1957 19 pp.12-13
Laban, R. Movement Concerns the Whole Man – lecture for the Joint Council for Education through Art Conference in 1958 1958 21 pp.9-13
Laban, R. The Rhythm of Living Energy 1959 22 pp.40-47
Laban, R. The Importance of Dancing – read by Lisa Ullmann as Laban Lecture at AGM 1959 1959 22 pp.5-17
Laban, R. Meaning – unfinished article excerpts 1959 22 pp.22-24
Laban, R. The Educational and Therapeutic Value of Dance – unfinished article excerpts 1959 22 pp.18-21
Laban, R. Dance as a Discipline 1959 22 pp.33-39
Laban, R. Dance and Symbol 1959 22 pp.25-28
Laban, R. The Aesthetic Approach to the Art of Dancing – translated by Leni Heaton 1959 22 pp.29-32
Laban, R. The Rhythm of Effort and Recovery – Part 1 1959 23 pp.18-23
Laban, R. The Rhythm of Effort and Recovery – Part 2 1960 24 pp.12-18
Laban, R. Light – Darkness 1960 25 pp.13-17
Laban, R. Dance in General 1961 26 pp.11-24
Laban, R. Notes on Choral Dancing 1969 43 pp.5-7
Laban, R. Extract from an Address to a Meeting for Community Dance in 1936 1974 52 pp.6-11
Laban, R. Lisa Ullmann as a Producer (1951) 2011 30.2 pp.13-14
Laban, R. Looking Back: Some Articles that caught our Eye. President’s Address at the Annual General Meeting of the Laban Art ofMovement Guild, 27th August 1947. 1999 18.4 pp.6-7